Bird Photography Workshop

Sunday April 6

Sepulveda Wildlife Preserve

WB-00152 Bullocks OrioleWB-00152 Bullocks Oriole HB-00110 Anna's HummingbirdHB-00110 Anna's Hummingbird

Sepulveda Wildlife Preserve is a premier birding location right in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. Hundreds of species can be found here all throughout the year but during the spring it is a rest stop for all sorts of migrating birds. My wildlife and nature photography workshops are designed to develop and enhance your skills to capture quality imagery and get the most out of your camera. These workshops will be available for DSLR cameras for all levels of expertise. Instruction will cover technical and compositional skills, positioning, light, and other functions of your camera. My focus is on helping you improve your nature photography skills and expand your creativity while providing you opportunities to photograph unique and exciting outdoor adventure and nature subjects.  We meet at 7:00am and shoot until 12:00pm. The cost is $80.00 per person. Audubon members $60.00 per person. E-mail me for more info or call 661-406-7689.

WB-00163 Western BluebirdWB-00163 Western Bluebird WB-00157 Hooded OrioleWB-00157 Hooded Oriole