Yellowstone Photography Workshop

May 23-27th

YS-00127 Bison & CalfYS-00127 Bison & Calf


The splendor of Yellowstone National Park can be difficult to describe. Some refer to it as America's Serengeti. Yellowstone holds unprecedented photography opportunities with its majestic landscapes, beautiful hydro-thermal features, and a tremendous amount of wildlife. Spring is an extraordinary time to visit. The snow has started to give way to lush green hills and valleys. Baby animals just learning to walk along with their mothers who feverishly look after them can easily be seen. Birding is also at a peak. You will spend five days with an expert guide who will show you all the park has to offer. Join me for an experience of a lifetime. We will meet in Gardiner Montana just north of the park on Sunday night for an orientation. The cost is $1200.00. Hotel, travel, and meals are not included. To sign up or request more information please email me directly at [email protected] or call 661-406-7689.

     YS-00123 Grey WolfYS-00123 Grey WolfGrey Wolf            YS-00110 Mountain BluebirdYS-00110 Mountain BluebirdMountain Bluebird

                YS-00126 Old FaithfulYS-00126 Old FaithfulOld Faithful.               YS- 00109 Black Bear CubYS- 00109 Black Bear CubBlack Bear Cub